Yoga, meditation and other mindfulness practices have been demonstrated to help people cope with and heal from trauma, anxiety, depression, and stress. Our approach is trauma-informed, and our instructors work with clients to build resiliency and establish greater self-regulation.

Trauma and stress aren’t just events that happen in the past and then we move on. They leave an imprint on the mind, body and spirit. The body holds onto these events and triggers our fight/flight/freeze pattern in an effort to protect us from harm. Trauma, stress and anxiety often result when we are unable to take effective action to stay safe or remove the stressor, and therefore we can’t seem to turn this instinctual survival mechanism off.

Yoga that is specifically tailored to treat trauma, stress and anxiety encourages a rebalancing of the nervous system, turns off our fight/flight/freeze response, and teaches present-state awareness. Over time, coping skills emerge that teach clients to move from hyperarousal to a more balanced state.