8 10, 2019

How to Know If You or Your Loved One is Struggling with Anxiety

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Anxiety is actually a very important natural response to stress. It is protective and evolved to prevent us from entering into dangerous situations. If you’ve ever experienced the sudden adrenaline rush that comes from a near [...]

8 08, 2019

How to Know if You or Your Loved One is Struggling with Trauma

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Trauma can sometimes be difficult to identify. If you or a loved one is struggling, this post might help as we describe the different causes and types of trauma, warning signs and symptoms. What is trauma? [...]

9 06, 2019

Why Asking for Help is a Sign of Strength and Cooperation

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We still reside in a society where strength is defined by doing things independently.  Our society tells us that to admit that we need help is to admit that we are weak.  Yet did you know that [...]

8 03, 2019

Yes, There is an Adolescent Brain: 4 Ways to Help You and Your Adolescent Succeed

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There is an adolescent brain, and it is much different than the adult brain.  The adult brain has a fully functioning Prefrontal Cortex (PFC).  This is the part of the brain that allows adults to access [...]

8 01, 2019

Exercise Improves Mood: Evidence and 7 Ways To Be More Active

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“A sound mind is in a sound body.” – Greek Proverb Going beyond more than a witty catch phrase, this idea is an important one.  It addresses the idea that the mind is the body.  Check [...]

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